The Second Playful Page 

An album of playful music, curated by Warren & elle

Playful is a book with two introductions, 12 chapters, also a few spare parts.

Each section has a song, as you can see here. The e-book is on Amazon now,

and the music's out there. So we thought, Why not?  Warren and elle bring you

the songtrack you didn't even know you were waiting for, plus a few links, if

certain nameless Ph.D. can figure out how to post them here. [Thanks, elle!]

Picture a vinyl album of 16 boss tracks, shimmering and hovering over your

neighborhood like a UFO in a really bad 50's movie. But a friendly musical UFO.

Warning: Music is powerful magic - it can change your life!

The Playful Songtrack

‚ÄčNote to Reader   Good Morning Starshine   Hair   2:36

playful intro       The Pink Panther Theme   Henry Mancini   2:38

Serious Intro.     Endicott   Kid Creole and the Cocoanuts   3:57

Chapter 1          Justified and Ancient   KLF and Tammy Wynette   3:43

Chapter 2          Birdhouse in Your Soul   They Might Be Giants   3:20

Chapter 3          ‚ÄčHyperactive   Thomas Dolby   4:24

Chapter 4          Stand   REM   3:13

Chapter 5          The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)   Ylvis   3:45

Chapter 6          Walk the Dinosaur   Was (Not Was)   3:34

Chapter 7          The Hi-De-Ho Man   Cab Calloway   3:03

Chapter 8          Hey Ya!   Outkast   5:02

Chapter 9          It's Oh So Quiet   Bjork   3:59

Chapter 10        I Don't Want to Grow Up   Tom Waits   3:20

Chapter 11        In Spite of Ourselves   John Prine and Iris DeMent   4:51

Chapter 12        Cuban Pete   Desi Arnaz   3:07

A Final Word     House of Fun   Madness   2:50